QB Rat Rifle .177 cal in a WW1 Rifle Stock

Well thought I would do something a little different so I purchased a War office Pattern .22 Training rifle stock made by London Small Arms Dated 1905 - 20 quid off fleabay.

And decided to age it but keep action smooth - kinda like a Rat Rod but Rat Rifle instead if you know what I mean LOL

Fitted action from a 78 without too much difficulty - had to do a bit of chiseling and dremelling in the woodwork and modify trigger a bit. Also had to make a metal block to put stock holding screw in (see pics)

Fitted porky yorki bulk fill tube (Thanks Dave) then tried to weather the whole action to give it an aged Petina so that it matched the stock.

Picked up old Nikko Sterling scope £12.06 and leather sling £6.49 on ebay

All internals have been polished right up an extended pin probe fitted, filter removed from valve, re-shaped valve stem and opened transfer port - running at 10.3 on Bisley magnums.

Havent got to worry bout scratching and knocking this one as it will only add to aged look so dont really matter LOL


 This rifle started off like this

I originally fitted a scope but then ended up fitting Diopter Sights