Weihrauch HW 77K .22cal

Weihrauch HW 77K .22cal

Purchased this rifle from a friend who had not been using it for a while and had been kept stored away - in need of a little TLC me thinks :)

Rhe stock was im fair condition for its age but in need of a re-furb. Yhe action had been painted in Black gloss paint and was a bit chipped.

The scope mount was to high for the fitted scope and both had seen better days.

A bit about the 77

The Weihrauch HW 77 (HW for Herman Weihrauch) is a mid to high end air rifle model developed and manufactured by the German air arms manufacturer Weihrauch. Known for its outstanding field accuracy the HW 77 is widely considered the most successful under lever spring-piston sport rifle ever made. It is also known for its rugged construction, considerable weight and Rekord trigger. The gun is also known as the Beeman HW 77 in the American market.

The HW 77 has a long and established presence with some of the earliest models being introduced in 1983. Production still continues until this day.

The main variant of the HW 77 is the HW 77K, K standing for ‘Karabiner’ being the German ‘Carbine´. The Carbine differs by weighing roughly 100 grams less than the original and has an overall length of roughly 40”, 4” less than the standard HW 77. A special edition of the HW 77K has also been produced which comes with a green, blue or brown Laminated stock.


Trigger guard and stock needs a bit of work

The rifle was fitted with an aftermarket silencer - well part of as the internals and end cap were missing.

Commenced stripping the gun


Delrin Spring Guide and Top Hat fitted

New custom enlarged brass safety catch fitted


Dimensions for HW Original 'Export' (over 7.5J) springs,

data collected from Schneider, Germany