Kral Devil .22 cal in AA S300 stock

The rifle started off like this, purchased from Leicestershire Airguns for £100

The firing cycle was very rough and was Dieseling really badly, I chronoed it and was on the wrong side of legal so stripped it down, cleaned and pollished  and took some meat off the spring guide - settled down at 11.2 with RWS Superdome. Fitted a Welsh Willy Trigger and ran a few pellets through then this happened :(

I had an Air Arms S300 Stock which I purchased off Fleabay some months earlier and decided to see if I could machine it out and fit to the Kral - which I did and this is the result :)

For those who dont know what a AA S300 is - see pic below - basically it is a PCP Rifle so I had to machine out a slot underneath in order to fit a break barrel spring gun action.


The Trigger Guard is from a Logun/AGS