Dressing up a XS78

I recently bought a second hand xs78 from a freeads website

She wasnt it to bad a condition with only a slight bit of surface rust on the metalwork, seems to hold gas ok too as after a week of left standing it still contained co2.

Anyway what to do with her - hmmnn - at the moment I cant get into my workshop as its a complete mess and full of boat bits  so I didnt fancy stripping it down as yet, well not untill I found some space to work and not loose any bits - btw my workshop is only a tiny storage room, nothing fancy just a small room with a few hand tools.

However I could get to a box full of spares from other airgun projects so I grabbed that and headed to my living room with a couple of screwdrivers and allen keys and laid the rifle on the cofee table and rumaged through the box of bits.

I also fetched a QB78 stock from under my bed which was from the first co2 gun that I had a go at customising.

Looking through the box I found a tactical ZOS 1X22X33 holographic 4 Reticle Reflex Red Dot sight that came with the Beretta pistol I had purchased some time ago, also in the box was a 11mm to picatinny mounting rail.

Well - so I thought about making it into a close range quick sighting night time rodent blaster :)

Taking the crummy XS sights off  I and fitted a fibre optic end sight which I had recently took off the 501 - just for a bit of bling :)  - I also fitted a cree torch to the picatinny rail and a bipod



  and here she is :)