XS36-1 .22

With A.S.I. Deluxe 4x30 Scope - Stock Finished with boiled Linseed Oil and car Wax - all internals polished and New seals fitted

This was my very first Air rifle purchased about 2008 for £60 - after a tune it was a lovely rifle - sadly I no longer have this gun.

This is how it came with very dark tar type varnish - yuch

From SMK Website

High power hunting

Action Underlever
Type Spring powered
Stock Hardwood
Trigger Single stage
Length (total) 114.5cm
Length (barrel) 48cm
Weight 3.8kg
  • Automatic safety catch
  • Adjustable open sights
  • Accurate fixed barrel
  • Scope rails

Heres a Handy Schematic if you own one of these rifles and want to strip her down