Shelly ready to go to a Mexican themed Party with a de-activated XS36-1

Hi Guys n Gals

I started getting an interest in Airguns about 2008 and after purchasing my first Air Rifle a SMK XS36-1 I joined a local shooting club in order to learn how to shoot it properly.

I soon learnt that the gun I bought had its limitations so I set about learning how to strip it and tune it up in order to get the best out of it. I found a forum the  which is dedicated to Chinese made air rifles and is full of helpful information and advice from its members.

I started entering competitions at the club but felt I still needed something better to shoot and in a smaller calibre so I purchased a TX200HC in .177 and my scores at HFT competitions improved untill I came 3rd place at one of the events.

Whilst browsing the UK Chinese airgun forum I became really inspired by what some of its members had done to their guns to customise them and one gun in particular the QB78 caught my attention as being easily modified so I purchased one and set about playing around with it.

One of the members on the forum Dave (Porky Yorky) realy inspired me with some of his work and also luckily made and sold some custom parts for the QB78/79 guns like the extended tubes and silencers. Well it just grew from there, I just kept on buying new and second hand chinese rifles and kept on modifying and customising them and tuning them up in order to get the best out of them.

Sadly I dont get down to the shooting range to much these days and am no longer a member of the club, I do however continue to make custom air rifles which is something I proberbly enjoy more than shooting them. I also enjoy restoring old British and German spring pwered air rifles. So have a look around my site and hopefully some of my work will inspire other peoples to have a go at producing something different and unique.

Please note - All air guns featured on this site are UK legal with air rifles at sub 12 ft/lb power levels and air pistols at sub 6 ft/lb levels