SMK B2 Custom in .177 This Rifle was Specially Tuned & Customised for Danny Boris Superdanny Boman

Action    Break barrel
Type    Spring and piston powered
Stock    Hardwood
Trigger    Single stage
Length (barrel)    35.5cm
Length (total)    96.5cm
Weight    2.8kg
Power   600FPS
Calibre    .177 (4.5mm)

Rifle was stripped and cleaned, new seals and spring fitted, internals were polished and correctly lubricated

A  nylon power band/washer was added to bring the power up - now shooting at a smooth 9.2ft/llb

New front fibre Optic sight, Sling Swivels and Sling fitted,

Trigger sears polished and trigger re-sprayed silver, plastic main cylinder endcap also re-sprayed in silver

Stock re-sprayed in Matt Black and laqour applied, butstock inlaid with coin, external metalwork cleaned and lubed

Nikko MOUNTMASTER 4x32 Scope fitted - tested - Accurate with Superdomes to 10M Spread 34fps over 10 shots.